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When will Sports Return?

When will Sports Return?

On March 11, 2020, the world as I know it and many other sports fanatics occurred, the NBA ceased playing games as a result of Rudy Gobert testing positive for COVID-19.  That revelation set off a chain reaction throughout the Sports World.  Within 2 days, all conference post season College Basketball tournaments (including the NCAA College Basketball tournaments) and Major League Baseball Spring Trainingwere cancelled.  The NBA, NHL, MLS and Professional Soccer Leagues were suspended indefinitely. For many (including the author), Sports serves as a getaway from the stresses of daily lives.


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has recently commented that no decision will be made until May at the earliest about the fate of the season.  The most recent discussion has been that the end of the NBA Regular Season and the Playoffs would be conducted at one location in a tournament type setting (i.e., Las Vegas).  Being a huge NBA fan, I hope the NBA season is not over.


Major League Baseball and the Baseball Players Union are working to finalize the “Arizona Plan.”  The Arizona Plan has Major League Baseball starting as early as May 1 with all 30 teams playing their games in empty stadiums without fans in the Arizona DiamondbacksChase Field and the surrounding Cactus League Spring Training Stadiums.  As a fan of sports, I believe if the CDC and other health officials deem it safe, then I believe this is a great step to get our country to heal.

NFL Draft

On April 6, 2020, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell notified the teams that the NFL Draft will be conducted as scheduled under a complete virtual format with team facilities closed and all team personnel to practice social distancing and communicate by telephone or other electronic means.

I close this Blog post with an ode to my childhood favorite, the WWE.


Historically, the WWE has always take the position that the “Show Must Go On.”  This culminated with the WWE (along with competitor All Elite Wrestling) being the only major sports leagues (for the WWE and All Elite Wrestling it really is Sports Entertainment) not to cease operations.  The biggest event in Pro Wrestling, Wrestlemania 36 was conducted this past weekend over 2 nights in an arena without fans.

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Steven Wallace, EsqWhen will Sports Return?

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